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Orlando, FL – In part one of our series on NADCA, we explained briefly the importance of getting your Orlando home serviced by a certified air duct cleaning professional. In part two we continue the discussion on why we feel that NADCA members are the best option when getting your air ducts cleaned in the Orlando area.

NADCA is dedicated to educating residential consumers about the proper methods of HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration. Consumer education helps promote a higher standard of performance for all NADCA members. NADCA seeks to improve education about the air duct cleaning industry by providing tips to consumers on how to select a qualified HVAC cleaning professional. Through the videos, checklist, and other resources found in this area of the web site, consumers should find everything they need to become more informed about our industry. Consumers should always check with NADCA to see if a company is a member of our Association. Some companies may claim to be NADCA members, but they are not.

Air Duct Cleaning Checklist for Residential Consumers

This information is designed to help residential consumers understand NADCA’s recommendations regarding the process of HVAC cleaning. Residential consumers are advised to read and understand the information on link below before hiring an HVAC cleaning company. https://nadca.com/sites/default/files/userfiles/Residential%20Checklist%20%282%29.pdf

Is Your Air Duct Cleaning Professional Certified?

NADCA requires certified individuals to have 6 (six) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) each year in order to be eligible for renewal. Individuals who do not accrue sufficient continuing education credits prior to their renewal date are required to re-take the examination.

The certification year runs from July 1 to June 30, and credits for renewal must have been earned during that timeframe. CECs can be obtained through attendance at NADCA seminars and conventions, online renewal quizzes, attending related industry training programs, and a variety of other means.

Attending NADCA’s Annual Meeting & Expo provides access to the CEC Training Program. Each attendee at the Annual Meeting receives access to electronic copies of the CEC-designated presentations on the program schedule. Following the Annual Meeting, these presentations can be used to educate any ASCS’s within a NADCA company who did not attend the event. An affidavit (included with the presentations) must be signed and returned to NADCA, stating that the presentation materials were covered in-depth.

CVI Renewal

The CVI certification is valid for three years, expiring on July 1 of the third year. CVI renewal is completed by taking an online quiz, located on the NADCA Testing Site. This is the only option for CVI renewal.

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