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Orlando, FL – Warm weather usually extends further in the year here in Orlando than our friends up north. Now that we have come into the fall season, we are waiting with baited breathe the first true cold spell. However, the outdoor temperatures are still high enough to continue running you’re a/c unit. But, when we start pulling out the Halloween decorations that the cooler weather is just around the corner. Which should be a good reminder that scheduling maintenance for your heating system is a great proactive idea.

As with HVAC service in the spring, you don’t want to wait until the cold weather is here to learn your system is not working properly. Getting a HVAC service technician to come out once the cold weather is upon us might cause you to wait an extra day to get service. At ABC Air and Heating, we suggest having your heater inspected and properly maintained before the cold snap arrives while guest are over and the system doesn’t turn on. Here are just a few reasons you should schedule your heating system maintenance before its too late …

Convenience: It’s safe to say that summer months are the busiest time for Orlando area HVAC technicians.  In Orlando, with temps routinely in the 90’s, there are numerous AC emergencies that are requiring immediate attention. As the high temperatures slacken a bit in the fall, it becomes easier to find a convenient time to arrange for professionals to pay your heater its regular maintenance call.

Proper attention required: As just mentioned, the fall is usually a slow period for HVAC contractors in Orlando. Which means that your technician won’t be in a big rush to get to a service call. You want your technician to take his time and clean and service your unit properly.

Prepare for sudden cold snap: By the time the local meteorologist finally give an accurate forecast that the cool weather is coming, it’s usually too late. You won’t know when a sudden change in the weather during the fall will make it necessary for you to fire up your home heating system early. Make sure that the heater is ready to go with early maintenance.

Sufficient time to arrange for repairs: Hopefully when the technician does come out for your maintenance visit they won’t find any significant problems with your HVAC system. Unfortunately, things do break and need repair. If your technician does find a fault that needs to be fixed, you’ll have adequate time before the cold weather arrives to have the work done without having to bring in temporary heating while you wait for parts.

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