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It is very competitive in the HVAC industry, but not the way you might think. Sure, when the heat of the summer is sweltering and the phones are ringing off the hook with lead after lead, nobody is worrying about having enough business. All anyone cares about is getting the job done, doing it right and keeping their customers, sales associates and installers happy.

In other words, they worry about competitors stealing technicians and installers. Knowing how to keep your workers is key. Here is how to do it!

Generous Pay

Pay now or pay in the long run. Make sure you are in the top for wages in your market. If not you’ll lose your best people to other competitors who compensate their workers for a job well done.

Offer Good Benefits

Being generous on benefits can go a long way when it comes to older, married technicians. Good benefits can make the difference between more added pay. Younger, unmarried technicians care more about the pay.

Offering healthcare does not cost that much more when you spread it out by the hour. For employees it is viewed as substantial and generous.  Another option if you do not offer it, consider giving dental and low price term life insurance.

Recognize Partner’s Sacrifice

At ABC Air Conditioning, we understand that working long hours, especially during the summer months effect all of the family including our technicians. Especially the spouse or significant other are affected. You should in some way show the family you understand the sacrifice being made.

A nice gesture is to send a thank you card acknowledging the extra burden summer puts on the family and your gratitude for their help. If possible, find ways to alleviate that burden. Incorporate some type of gift whether it be movie tickets, gift card for a restaurant, water park passes, and/or spa treatment. Send one in at the beginning of summer and at the end.

Box Lunches

Every now and then contact a local deli or food business and have them prepare boxed sandwich lunches for your guys along with a couple of drinks for their cooler in the summer months. Small treats like this go a long way and let your employees know they are appreciated.

Job Visit

Sometimes during the day, take some water, sports drinks or an icy snack to your installers. It gives you an excuse to assess the job, see how things are progressing, and show your gratitude for their hard work. Appreciation is the key!

Stock the Refrigerator

Keeping chilled drinks in the refrigerator at the workshop for your technicians is a low-cost way to say thank you. It also gives the technicians something to look forward to when they come in from a hard day of work.

Spice it Up!

Make working fun and profitable! Create a contest that involves everyone in the office from the staff to technicians. Make teams pairing office personal and field personal to provide extra support, reinforcement and constant encouragement to each other for the end goal of winning. Everyone works better when there is a team atmosphere and some competitiveness. Get the competitive spirit flowing! Everyday make it a big production to “broadcast” how the teams are progressing in their statistics in team sales, jobs completed, and customer feedback.

Make the contest fun and give incentives like the winning team gets treated to a steak dinner and everyone else gets hot dogs and baked beans. If you want to be really generous, have an end of the summer cookout for the entire group to show your gratitude and give awards to the winning team and their spouses as well.

Reward Randomly

To inspire loyalty and motivate internally you must get to know your employees personally. Getting to know your people is a plus. That way when you want to give them some type of reward it’s personal and not generic. For instance, if you know your technician likes NASCAR, surprise him with tickets to the Daytona 500. Others may enjoy a weekend to the beach, so let them use your beach house or boat. It is the small details that make the gift so personal.

Attitude of Gratitude — Make it Your Motto!

The number one reason that employees leave a job is over the lack of appreciation. If you want to make money and be successful, then make an attitude of gratitude your motto. Say thank you and say it often. Take care of your people and they will take care of you! No one wants to work for a boss that does not take care of his/her people. Just remember, there are other competitive companies out there that will easily scoop up your best and brightest employees. Saying thank you often and acknowledging good work in front of others makes a big difference that goes a long way for everyone!

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