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Employees who become sick due to polluted or poor indoor air quality can cost businesses billions of dollars each year.  As the facility manager you should be aware that your company could face legal action if the occupants of your building become sick due to your negligence.

Did you know? The EPA estimates that 25% of all new or renovated buildings in the US may be classified as sick buildings.

You control the health of your building and its occupants. Luckily, you can protect both by hiring a professional who is committed to adhering to the ACR standards. The ACR sets the industry standard for the assessment, cleaning, and restoration of HVAC systems. It helps facility managers protect their buildings by understanding when and why air ducts should be clean.

This document educates facility managers with an overview on HVAC procedures and options including:

  • Accessing new and existing HVAC systems
  • Evaluating and verifying the cleanliness of HVAC system components
  • Preventing Job related hazards
  • Guiding the cleaning and restoration of HVAC systems to a specific level of cleanliness

As the leading association for HVAC professions, NACDA holds its members to high standards. Their experience and knowledge is unmatched. Having a NACDA certified air systems cleaning specialist responsible for the job can ensure the job is done right. Customers can rest easy knowing that health of their homes, facilities, and commercial buildings are in the hands of qualified, certified, and trusted professional.

In addition to ACR, NADCA offers a general specification that facility managers can utilize and customize when developing their scope of service for HVAC system cleaning. These tools help ensure that the services are completed to the highest industry standard.  Let NADCA do the work for you. Download these free guides to help prepare your specification request.  NADCA urges facility managers to beware of scammers and blow and go businesses when looking to hire air duct cleaners.

If a price looks too good to be true. Chances are it is. In an effort to protect customers, NADCA offers a logo verification test. Simply click the NADCA logo on company’s website and receive immediate confirmation of a true NADCA affiliation. Take care of your building and utilize NADCA’s tools and resources. Visit NADCA.com to learn more about the ACR standard and other NADCA tools and resources designed specifically for facility managers.

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