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During Central Florida’s summer months, we expect to have afternoon thunderstorms daily, with hot and humid temperatures present before and after the storm. This obviously makes you want to turn on the air conditioner and create your most comfortable environment. However, turning on your A/C while a thunderstorm is taking place could pose a threat to your HVAC unit. It is wise to shut off your HVAC system when the weather starts to act up and here is why:

Lightning Strikes and the Damage that Comes with It

While Tampa not being too far away and being known as the lightning strike capital of the world, it is vital to protect your home and all of its components this summer during Florida’s most rainy months. While lightning strikes to the are usually less common, they are still unpredictable during a storm. If lightning strikes near your utility lines it can cause severe power surges through your home’s electrical system and in turn melting the plug to your unit and damaging/breaking your HVAC system. If this were to happen, it can lead to extensive repairs or replacement of your entire HVAC unit. On the other hand, rain storms themselves do not pose a threat to your A/C unit. Just because it rains does not mean it will interfere with your HVAC’s ability to function, unless it floods than you should stop using the system and turn off its power.

It is vital to protect your HVAC unit by installing a protection system. Using conductors or grounding rods can create a different path for the lightning to go, helping it not to travel into your home’s electrical system. It is always 100% guaranteed to keep your HVAC system safe during any bad Central Florida weather, by shutting it completely off and riding out the storm.

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