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When it comes to carbon monoxide your life can potentially be at serious risk. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects over 20,000 people per year with a small percentage of those cases resulting in death according to the Centers for Disease Control. Your risk for carbon monoxide poisoning is much higher in the wintertime due to fuel burning appliances being used. And the scary thing about this gas is that it is emitted into the air in an odorless, tasteless and colorless manner. This obviously makes it impossible for us to be alerted without some type of detector. Below are some ideas on how to protect you and your family from being victims of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to keep your home on alert for this deadly gas.

Carbon Monoxide Detector. Systems that detect this serious gas are primarily the easiest and most reliable method in keeping your home safe. They are inexpensive and simple to install, making sure your life is protected and potentially saved. It is recommended to install one on every level of your home being placed low because of gas being heavier than actual air. After these detectors are installed it is vital to keep up with the battery life checking them regularly to make sure they are working.

Store Grills and Generators Outdoors. It is important to never turn on or use a grill indoors including your garage. Also, if you happen to have and use a generator, be sure it is also stored and used outdoors with a high amount of ventilation and air space. It does not matter if you have all windows and doors open, these items must be used and stored outdoors in case of any leaks or defects.

Get Your Car Out. When you have your car stored in the garage and turn it on in the morning or whatever time, make sure to exit the space quickly. Lingering or waiting for your car to warm up inside close quarters without proper ventilation will cause this poisonous gas to accumulate and do harm.

If your carbon monoxide detector happens to alert you do not panic. Quickly remove yourself, anyone else and all pets from the house. Open the doors and windows and contact a professional at ABC Cleaning immediately. If you experience any symptoms such as headaches, nausea or dizziness seek emergency medical help. If you are exposed to this chemical it is vital you receive immediate treatment due to its poisonous effects.

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