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You may not realize how easy it is for a fire to form from a simple clothes dryer, but when debris and lint accumulate over time it causes your exhaust to function in a less efficient way. There is also a risk for carbon monoxide intrusion if your duct is blocked by unwanted particles which can cause deadly havoc in your home. Dryer vent inspections nowadays are far more important than they used to be. Because of the way homes are built today dryer ducts are actually more difficult to access. Being that the construction of houses are so complicated, dryer ducts are typically longer and have a further distance allowing animals to enter and possibly house there. It also takes your clothes double the amount of time to dry with your dryer having to run at a higher temperature decreasing the life span of your dryer.

Here are a few warning signs your dryer will show you letting you know it is time for a cleaning:

  • Clothes are not completely dry after a running cycle of 30 minutes or more
  • Clothes seem very hot to the touch after it’s drying cycle
  • The laundry room where the dryer is located seems hot in temperature
  • Increased amounts of lint accumulate in the filter after your drying cycle
  • An unusual musty odor is being put off in the clothing when drying

It is always recommended to have an HVAC specialist come out and inspect your dryer if you suspect any of these issues are occurring. You and your family’s safety are what’s most important, and by having an expert guiding you and assuring your dryer vent is safe and inspected you will be able to rest easy. Call the professionals at ABC Cleaning today and schedule an appointment for your dryer vent cleaning.

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