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The air near your ceiling is for sure warmer than the air near the floor and you probably remember at some point feeling warmer upstairs than you do downstairs. Even though the difference in temperature is only different by a degree or two, this minor difference paired together with other issues in your home can make for uncomfortable bedrooms, offices and family areas on your upper levels. Here are some common reasons why your air conditioner does not work as well as downstairs:

Natural rise in heat. Hot air will rise in order to try and escape your home because it wants to move around. When the air conditioner starts to pump air into your home, the warm air is going to start to make its way to the highest point in turn naturally heating your home’s upper levels and making them feel stuffy. Also, if your air conditioner is located on the bottom level of your home it can make the problem worse.

Heated roofing. In the blazing hot summer months of Florida, your roof will absorb plenty of solar heat. When this happens, the heat travels through your roof and down to your top floor.

Leaky ducts. No matter where your air conditioner is located in your home, if you have multi-levels, you will have plenty of ductwork through every wall and ceiling that needs to deliver air to every floor. Since there are ups, downs and turns located on every floor it is vital that the airflow of your ducts are not leaky and are well balanced.

A Couple Tricks to Cool Upper Levels

  • High efficiency LED Lighting. Lighting can control the ambiance in a room and can also have a large impact on its temperature. Having outdated fluorescent lighting will put off a lot of heat and can quickly raise the degree of your upper level rooms. Replacing old light bulbs with high efficiency LED bulbs will help you keep your rooms cool while using less electricity.
  • Ceiling Fans. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air in a room. Fans are very helpful by forcing warm air down from the ceiling into your air conditioning vents to be conditioned. This will put less stress on your air conditioning cooling system which can also lower your energy bill!

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