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With summer coming to an end here in Central Florida, it is the perfect time for you to check up on your HVAC and give it the TLC it may need. Many people forget about maintaining their HVAC system’s after summer is over, but that can be dangerous to its health and potential negatively affect your wallet. Below are some tips to ensure your unit is healthy and up to par for the start of fall weather.

Check Your Vents. Regularly checking and inspecting your HVAC’s vent and intake will help prevent it from breaking down and becoming dirty. You want your unit to be running at full efficiency, and this will not be possible if it is being blocked by debris such as weeds, grass and leaves. These particles will compromise your HVAC’s intake and block the airflow from functioning.

Swap Out Your Filter. Like any filter out there, at some point in its life, its effectiveness, starts to wear off. It’s vital that you replace your old HVAC filter if you want to keep your unit healthy and your pockets full. Keeping old filters not only waste energy but can also present a threat to you and your family’s health. When your filter is old, your filter will most likely become damp because of the high humidity, as well as clogged from the dirt and debris. This moisture creates mold which can spread through your home’s air infecting everyone around and possibly causing illness. If you want you and your family to stay safe and healthy, make sure to clean and replace your HVAC filter.

Test It Out. Your HVAC’s heating system has probably (almost definitely) been idle for most of the year. Here in Central Florida, turning on your heat is not a common practice, but it might eventually be needed for when the temperatures drop this month. It is always a smart idea to test and start back up your unit so it will gradually become fully efficient. Also, by running your HVAC beforehand, you can detect any faults or problems early on before you really need it.

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