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Having your chimney swept can be a great Christmas gift for you and your family, or can even be considered a healthy new year’s resolution. For most people, the new year is a time for new beginnings and usually new healthier lifestyles. While having your chimney swept is a good idea all year round, deep cleaning and de-cluttering are also smart ideas to keep your home safe and organized. Here are some facts why you should have your chimney swept this holiday season and any other time of the year for that matter:

Clean and Sanitary Home. Overtime, your chimney collects dirt and harmful chemicals from old buildup and usage. Your chimney is not always one of the first places you think of when it comes to cleaning because it is so out of sight; however your chimney can be a very dirty place and if neglected, can have a serious negative impact on your home and its cleanliness. When your chimney is dirty, your home can become dirty as well. If the chimney’s hole is not open and clear for smoke to go out, it will come back in and fill your home with smoke. This can be a very big problem for anyone with asthma or allergies because of the dust and smoke particles filling up the air you breathe.

Good Smelling Home. When your chimney fills up with an unpleasant scent that mimic smoke or burnt firewood chemicals it can also fill your home with these dirty smells. Along with these certain smells, if animals or critters become trapped or build their home inside of your chimney, you are in for even worse smelling odors. Having your chimney inspected and swept will rid it of any unhealthy debris and leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Healthy and Safe Home. Aside from your home being clean and smelling good, having a healthy and safe home is even more vital. Neglected and dirty chimneys are the number one cause of fires. It is crucial homeowner’s have their chimney checked and swept a couple times a year as well as clearing away any flammable or hazardous chemicals. Making sure your chimney is swept will protect you and your family from harm and reduce the risk of a house fire in your home.

Make calling ABC Cleaning part of your New Year’s resolution and if you’re ready to have a cleaner, safer home for the new year, call us today to schedule your chimney sweeping and inspection needs.

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