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Air quality defined is the quality of air inside a residence, workplace or building of any kind. The air is measured by simply collecting air samples, surface samples, measuring air flow and lastly, measuring human exposure to air pollutants. Aside from overall air quality, indoor air quality is specifically concerned with breathing comfortability inside a space, but also how breathing can affect overall health. These types of measurements typically include samples of molds, bacteria, mildew and harmful gases. By performing a home or business air quality test, you can ensure the air you breathe is healthy. This has several health benefits, including: a reduction in allergies, ailments, odors, chances of being exposed to carcinogens, improved sleep, easier breathing, and an overall reduction in energy cost.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Humidity. Making sure your indoor air humidity levels are correct and safe will ensure good air quality. If your indoor air happens to have incorrect humidity levels, this can lead to the growth of mold, fungus, bacteria, dust and other unwanted particles floating around. Humidity levels should always be around 30 to 50 percent, and if they are not at this level, investing in a dehumidifier can help. If you notice this is not helping, make sure you do not have leaks of any kind or any stagnant condensation.

Keep Space Clean. Dust, dirt and debris seem to have a big effect on air quality as a whole. Aside from already being an irritant, these particles can absorb harmful chemicals from outside of the home. Making sure to vacuum, remove shoes when inside, mop and wash floor mats, rugs and carpets routinely will assist in keeping your indoor air quality safe. Also, if there are pets in the home, keeping their area clean as well as bathing them regularly will reduce any irritants they can carry in from outside.

Proper Ventilation. Investing in a ventilation system with filtering and purification methods will help in removing harmful irritants in the air.

No Smoking Indoors. Smoking is the number one cause of air pollution in any indoor space. This practice MUST be avoided if you want to stay healthy and free of risks.

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