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Cleaning your dryer vent is not too complicated of a home maintenance task and relatively inexpensive to hire out to a professional such as ABC Cleaning, Inc.

It is important to clean and inspect your dryer vent yearly. A poorly vented dryer can increase drying time to double and increase energy costs. Extended drying time can cause a “heat limit switch” inside the dryer to fail causing a service call, or the appearance of a bad dryer leading to unnecessary replacement.

Replace the Exhaust Vent and Cover. This, too, should be done with care. The vent cover should have a screen to prevent rodents, birds and even bees from entering and nesting. Adding new caulking may not be absolutely necessary but it will help maintain or improve your home’s energy-efficiency by eliminating another possible air leak.

Double-Check your Work. Plug the dryer back in and turn the gas back on. Run the dryer for about 5-10 minutes on the fluff setting. You may not want to stand near the outside exhaust at first in case any loose lint and debris finally dislodges, but you should check to make sure air is freely flowing through the vent and out of the house. If you haven’t correctly reassembled the vent, the dryer may start spewing lint into the home and create an allergen problem, or worse.

Additional Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips. For an unusually long dryer vent duct, it may be necessary to buy specialized equipment or call in the pros to thoroughly clean the vent ductwork. Some dryer vent exhaust ducts have older model vent hoods with narrow slats or grates that can become clogged more quickly. It may be necessary to clean these vent hoods more frequently than the full length dryer vent.

Common Sense

Routine cleaning keeps dryers safe and working properly. The inside of vent hoses can be cleaned using a lint trap brush (sold at hardware stores).

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