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Are you that person that assumes that their dryer is one of the safer appliances to use in your home? I’m not trying to scare you because dryers are relatively safe, however did you know that there are approximately 15,500 fires caused by dryers every year? Well, that is true according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The cause for most dryer fires is because of an accumulation of lint that blocks the airflow of your dryer. The good news is that this is very preventable and at ABC Cleaning, Inc. we are here to help you. Call us at 407-381-2120

Tips for Dryer Fire Prevention

Clean the vents: If you lived up north, most washer and dryer units were located in the basement, where the vents were more easily accessible. However, in Florida they are most likely in the laundry room near kitchens, bathrooms or closets. This usually results in the dryer vents being installed to accommodate the home’s structure, making them harder to access. A dryer vent booster is a good solution to this, however you should also consider contacting the professionals at ABC Cleaning, Inc.  to perform an inspection of your dryer vent to ensure your vents are properly cleaned.

Clean inside the dryer: If you are like most people you do a pretty good job of cleaning removing the lint from the lint trap/filter after use. However, most people don’t realize that the trap doesn’t catch all of the lint. You should inspect underneath the lint trap as well as the heating element. Lint can build up and collect on your heating elements which is very dangerous as it can heat up and catch fire.

Ensure proper clearance – There should to be adequate space between the dryer and the wall. Don’t place your dryer up against the wall as you’ll not only reduce the airflow, you’ll also crush the venting material. This can lead to lint building up and temperatures rising, created a higher risk for starting a dryer fire.

Check the dryer duct material – Your dryer ducts should be made out of a solid metallic material and not foil or vinyl, which are not only combustible, but usually consist of spiral wound surfaces, which makes it easier for lint to build up.

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