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It’s estimated that the majority of us spend around 90% of our time indoors. This includes time spent at work, school, and of course, at home. Because of this, the quality of the air we breathe should be a major topic of concern for all of us. In fact, indoor air pollution is something nearly every home in America struggles with, and unfortunately as each year passes it’s not getting any better.

Below are some indoor air facts that you might find a bit alarming.

1. The EPA Ranks Indoor Air Pollution as a Top 5 Environmental Danger. Over the past several years, the Environmental Protection Agency has consistently ranked indoor air pollution as one of the most concerning environmental dangers we face on a daily basis. This is primarily because the sources of pollution are everywhere in our home. In fact, the EPA estimates that our indoor air has nearly 5x as much pollutants than outdoor air. Some homes may even have 100x more pollutants inside vs. outside!

The EPA has conducted several studies which prove that indoor air pollution is a problem for all types of homes regardless of where it is located. The most commonly discovered sources of indoor air pollution include combustion sources, building materials, chemical products, organic matter, and outdoor pollution that has traveled indoors.

2. Secondhand Smoke Is One of the Top Indoor Air Pollutants. Secondhand smoke is considered one of the worst indoor air pollutants around the world. It’s known to contain more than 200 different types of poisons, including formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. It also includes at least 60 chemicals known to cause cancer. Did you know that 3,500 lung cancer deaths each year, and more than 1 million children suffer from asthma related problems? Secondhand smoke has also been shown to severely affect infants, increasing their risk for pneumonia, lower respiratory tract infections, ear infections, and spur the development of asthma.

3. Pediatric Asthma Rates Have Jumped 72%. Studies have shown that the prevalence rate of pediatric asthma has increased from 40% to 69%. Currently, asthma ranks as one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States and the leading serious chronic illness of children. Sadly, numerous indoor air pollutants have been directly related to causing or increasing the risk of asthma developing in children. By purifying the air you breathe in your home, you will be creating a more favorable environment for your kids and your health.

4. Hundreds of Harmful Chemicals Are Released Every Day. Small things most people do on a daily basis can quickly lead to a dramatic deterioration in indoor air quality. Hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals are admitted or released by household cleaning agents, personal care products, paint, and solvents used on a regular basis. These chemicals have been tied to causing dizziness, allergic reactions, skin irritation, cancer, and nausea. So, it’s important to keep a close eye on the products you use on a daily basis, and consider the potential effects they may be having to the air you breathe.

5. The Quality of Indoor Air Can Be Up To 100x More Polluted Than Outside Air. One of the most surprising statistics reported by the EPA is that the level of indoor air pollution can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more polluted than the worst outside air. In dire circumstances, some homes have reported having air which is 100x more polluted than the worst outside air! Most people can recognize the health concerns associated with outdoor air pollution, however they rarely consider how poor their indoor air quality is. Not only are there numerous pollutants only released indoors, but outdoor air can find its way inside as well.

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