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The winter and holiday months are typically the busiest times of the year obviously due to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. And during these times comes traveling, eating and gathering with people. It’s unfortunate that this is also the busiest season for the cold and flu to go around and being around others makes the chances of encountering it high. It is vital that you take into consideration all the steps to ensure you and your family stay healthy and happy this winter season. Below are listed some easy and wholesome practices you can incorporate in your everyday life to keep germs and illness at bay:

Wash Your Hands. Making sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water is a quick and simple task that reduces the spread of any bacteria or illness. It is also highly recommended that children wash their hands regularly especially if they attend school.

Clean and Disinfect Your Spaces. Routine cleaning, dusting and disinfecting of your spaces that are of high usage, traffic and touch are important. Most of these areas include office space, computers, remotes, telephones, door handles, light switches, counters, bathrooms and eating areas. Germs also lurk in dark spaces so keeping natural sunlight in all areas keep them away. 

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean. During the winter months, people often use their heaters. All air ducts and vents circulate and house dust particles which are blown into your inside air. It is key to keep them clean, clear and disinfected all year round for a healthy environment. Have a professional come out at least once a year to inspect, clean and maintenance your HVAC system. 

Use an Air Purifier. Investing in a good quality air purifier for your home will save you time from being sick and money from medical bills in the long run. Air purifiers not only purify and clean your circulating air, they also are equipped with a HEPA filter that confines the smallest particles in the air. 

Clean Your Carpets & Take Off Your Shoes. It is recommended to have any carpet in your home or space cleaned at least once a year. Dirt, dust, dander and allergens build on and underneath your carpet trapping bacteria and germs. It is also urged to keep any shoes off inside your home or any space to help prevent any foreign and dirty particles from being tracked in. 

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