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Most of the time throwing our clothes into the dryer after they have been washed is a no-brainer and little thought goes into this chore-We throw them in, and press start. But what we often forget is that the dryer is a household appliance that is very susceptible to fires (if not taken care of properly).

According to the US Fire Administration there are three facts everyone should know about dryers and household fires. 1.2,900 home fires reported each year are caused by dryers resulting in 5 deaths, 100 deaths, and over 35 million dollars in property loss. Failure to properly clean or maintenance the dryer is the leading cause of fire in the first place, and more dryer fires occur in the Winter months than any other month, peaking in January. As we are quickly approaching winter…. It is necessary to make sure that you are cleaning and properly caring for your dryer before you throw those clothes inside.

Below are some ways to decrease your chances of having a fire in your dryer & how to keep your home healthy and safe…

1.    Clean your lint screen BEFORE every drying cycle. Frequently use a vacuum to reach down in the lint area where you cannot reach.
2.    Check your vent hose. Make sure that there are no breaks and that everything is properly connected. If you have a white plastic hose remove immediately. The hose must be aluminum.
3.    Clean inside the vent hose or vent line by removing lint with your hands and a vacuum.
4.    It is best to remove all clothing or flammable material surrounding your dryer. If you do have a fire that will prevent the flames from spreading quickly.
5.    If you have a gas-powered dryer, ensure that your gas line looks intact. If you smell gas for any reason do not use the dryer and call your gas company.

By following the above precautions to take care of your dryer, you will avoid any type of household fire and ensure your home and family are protected.

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