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Chimney Restoration Reconstruction and Repair

ABC Cleaning technicians are trained to help you determine the appropriate course of action whether the chimney is in need of minor repairs or complete reconstruction.

Firebox Reponting and Rebuilding

The firebox of your fireplace takes a lot of heat and abuse. In particular the back where direct heat can be in excess of 700 degrees plus. If any of the bricks are loose or if any of the mortar joints are eroded back more than 1/2 inch it may be time for a repair.

Mortar Crown Repair

The mortar crown is the concrete surface at the top of your chimney. Its job is to shed water away from the flue and also keep water from entering the chimney chase. Cracks or missing pieces in the mortar crown can lead to extensive water damage in your chimney.

Chimney Caps

Caps stop rain from coming down and also keeps out birds and other animals.

Standard caps are made from a number of materials including steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. The most popular styles are stainless steel and black painted steel. Most models feature side screening which keeps most birds and small animals out of the chimney and also keeps larger sparks from exiting the chimney.

These caps are mounted onto the chimney in various ways, the most popular being screws which are spaced around the base angle of the cap and tightened against the flue tile. If the chimney is unlined or the flue does not protrude far enough out the top, inside mounting models can be used. If neither of these methods work, manufacturers also provide mounting angles or other fasteners which can be lag bolted or cemented down to theta of the chimney structure.

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Possible Advantages:

  1. Keeps Animals, especially Raccoons and Birds, from setting up home in your chimney or fireplace.
  2. Keeps Rain and moisture from building up inside chimney. This can help reduce the chimney smell that often invades homes in the warmer weather.
  3. Sheds ice and rain from the chimney crown, which is the cement cover on the top of the chimney structure. This will extend the life of the crown and eliminate some causes of cracking of the flue tile.
  4. Increase draft of chimney, especially in areas with constant wind.

Damper Repair

A damper stops heat from escaping up your chimney when the fireplace is not in use. If your fireplace does not have a damper you are pumping money up your chimney. We offer throat dampers and top sealing dampers and damper cap combinations.

Draft Problems Eliminated

On a mission to make that fireplace work? If you were never able to use your wood burning wood stove or fireplace unit for fear of smoke, we will go over every possible solution.


For a nominal fee when doing masonry repairs Sealing a chimney with a waterproofing agent will deflect the element rather than absorb moisture and extend the life of a chimney by preventing deterioration of and the freeze thaw factor.