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Air ducts are generally cleaned by cleaning professionals; however either way they require constant maintenance and basic cleaning to make sure that they remain dust free for longer. Air ducts need to be cleaned by professionals periodically, but that does not free you from all air duct maintenance duties. Following are a number of maintenance and basic cleaning tips to keep your cooling and heating systems up and running smoothly all year round:


Air filters require a lot of care and regular maintenance. Follow these guidelines to keep your filters in good shape:

  • Primarily, be sure to use high efficiency filters for your system.
  • The filters should be of the right size and fitted properly to make sure that there is no air passing from the sides.
  • Do not use the cooling or heating system if even one of the filters is missing.
  • Change the filters regularly as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Change them more often if they get clogged or get dirty too quickly or if you live in humid areas like Orlando, Florida.

Prevent the Air Ducts from Getting Wet

Due to condensation, it is very easy for the ducts to accumulate moisture; however it is not good for the air ducts as it can lead to biological growth like fungus or mould. The moisture can get into the duct system if it wasn’t properly installed or serviced. It can also get wet due to breakage or leakages. Condensation near or on the cooling coils is one of the primary factors for moisture contamination in the system.

  • It is important that you immediately get the water damage cleaned and the leakages repaired. Avoid using the system unless the problem isn’t repaired.
  • Make sure that the condensate pan is draining properly.
  • Cooling coils are designed to remove moisture from the air, so be sure that it is operating properly.
  • Check the cooling coils and the insulation near it for any wet spots.
  • Check spaces like attics and crawl spaces and other areas that are non-air-conditioned to make sure that the ducts are sealed properly.

Tips and Tricks

Following are a few tips and tricks to keep your air ducts and the system well maintained and clean until your next scheduled professional cleaning:

  • Get your system cleaned every time you get it repaired.
  • When purchasing a new system make sure that it is compatible with your air duct system. A unit too big will keep on cycling on and off and wouldn’t be able to remove the moisture efficiently.
  • Vacuum your house regularly using a high efficiency vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure that your system is closed off and properly sealed off during renovations and constructions to make sure that none of the debris or dust gets into the air ducts.
  • Make sure that you keep your house free of pests and rodents, as they can easily find their way into the air ducts and contaminate and infest your system as well as your entire home.
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