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Orlando, FL – While chimney cleaning in Orlando usually doesn’t seem like a hazardous task, it can have disastrous consequences at times when one does not take the necessary precautions beforehand. Just imagine, you are going up a ladder to clean the chimney from the roof and you may fall. Not to sound morbid, but this is a completely plausible scenario when going up the roof. This danger at least, can be crossed down if you use a bottom-up method for chimney cleaning.

Fireplace Woes

One of the most common reasons for accidents during chimney cleaning in Orlando is a burning fireplace while the chimney is being cleaned. While this one is quite obvious, people still tend to forget this one leading to accidents. Lit fires are always a bad idea when cleaning a chimney!

Heights and Falls

As we discussed before, ladders and roof falls are is the second most common reason for chimney cleaning accidents. Cleaning the chimney from the roof is generally preferred by household people cleaning who opt for cleaning the chimney themselves. The top-down method for chimney cleaning in Orlando is quite popular because it creates the least amount of mess inside the house, thus saving the residents a ton of hassle that usually goes with cleaning off soot from the floor. The problem is, this requires one to get on the roof and insert a brush down the chimney from above. Getting to such a height and then maintaining balance once up on the roof is not everyone’s cup of tea. This leads to falls which might even cause death of paralysis in extreme cases. Better opt for bottom-up cleaning and deal with the mess if you don’t cope well with heights.

Soot is Bad for Health

Cleaning a chimney invariably results in a ton of soot being blown out. Too much soot can cause quite a few health issues so it is recommended to hire a professional for chimney cleaning in Orlando if you don’t know a lot about health precautions for such an undertaking. If you are still intent on cleaning your chimney yourself, having a respiratory mask and a goggles is highly recommended! Soot, if manages to enter the respiratory system, can wreak considerable havoc within the body, often leading to chest and lung infections. While having a mask doesn’t seem so important at the time, issues that occur due to not having one can have a lasting impact. The second body part that is affected by soot is your vision. Once soot enters the eye, it usually causes temporary loss of vision but clears up soon. In more severe cases, too much soot can permanently damage your eye. The chances of such an occurrence are low, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Wear goggles!

Remember, cleaning chimneys in Orlando may have become a trend, but safety is not to be disregarded! If you are unsure about the necessary precautions, by all means, get a professional chimney cleaning service.

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