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Orlando, FL – The quality of air you and your loved ones breathe, and the efficiency of your cooling and heating system is dependent upon the services you procure from air duct cleaning companies. Neglecting it would result in mold growth, musty odor, and eventually a poor HVAC performance beside the health problems. When planning to get your air ducts cleaned, choose a company that has the customer satisfaction rapport directly linked to its claims of using the latest technology and equipment to remove the dirt, dust, and other accumulating contaminants from the system.

What It Means for You to Be an Environmentally-Friendly Consumer

Are you one of those who take for granted the comfort and cleanliness of the air they breathe in their homes and offices? But, what if your HVAC system refuses to be effective and reliable anymore? It will eventually if it’s not being looked after, i.e. maintained, serviced, and cleaned, properly and periodically.

A preventive program is the best solution for better ventilation, and likewise, a productive and motivated workforce. Hiring the certified experts ensures for you and your living spaces quality services using professional methods. Your needs are met with effectively, especially given that only bio safe products and bio friendly methods are used. It’s an amazing deal and delivers superior results without toxicity.

Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando

The contaminants residing in your Orlando air ducts are mainly due to pets, cigarette smoke, home renovation, water contamination, or damage to the HVAC system. The accumulation is normal along with that of dust and dirt with the regular use. If it’s visible in the site inspection (including the system pressure and the various components of HVAC), that’s your cue to start working on your duct cleaning.

The skilled professionals try to gain access to the duct through any existing opening first, for example return grills and service openings. However, in the circumstance that they are not supplied with these, they have to cut access holes.

For a thorough cleansing, it is important that the contamination source is removed in the beginning. Agitation devices like air whips, brushes, contact vacuuming, and compressed air nozzles, are used to loosen them within the air-conditioning and heating systems. To avoid having these contaminants scattered throughout the entire system, the latter is handled with a constant negative pressure and/or HEPA vacuuming. It further guarantees that no particles will be allowed to move from the duct to the room space once the system has been turned on. A greater accuracy and efficiency is achieved with a video inspection system.

For the antimicrobial treatment, the likes of disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are used to help control odors. In an eco-green air duct cleaning, these products are used only if there is a real need for them after the mechanical surface cleaning has been finished.

The US EPA has stated for a minimum range of US $450-1000 for the proper cleaning of the system in an average house. However, other factors such as the size of the HVAC system, the type of ductwork, its accessibility, and the level of contamination influence any estimate of time given and hence the cost of the job. Most important, DON’T be fooled by low cost promotions.

Not all companies providing air duct cleaning are the same. For your health and the longevity of the system, go green with the ABC Cleaning Inc. to get your air ducts cleaned in Orlando, FL.

About ABC Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando

If you need more information about our air duct cleaning, dryer vent and/or chimney cleaning services, please contact us at (407) 477-4302. ABC’s staff has been providing honest air duct, dryer vent & chimney services for 20 years. Our Central Florida air duct cleaning company has its main office in Orlando, FL. ABC Cleaning, Inc. is proud to serve residential and commercial customers throughout Central Florida (Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, Brevard County, and Volusia County). Our certified staff specialize in air duct cleaning & disinfecting, mold & mildew treatments, chimney cleaning & repair, and dryer vent cleaning.

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