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Orlando, FL – Get rid of the mildew and bacteria, and even then things in your car contribute to the odors that remind you of the need for some thorough cleaning. Most people are concerned only with the exterior and interior cleaning of the car when they take in their car for cleaning or do it themselves. The air vents and air ducts remain forgotten by both the car owner and detailer mainly because they are difficult to access.

Cleaning the Air Vents

This is the first step that you should concern yourself with when you decide on cleaning the air circulation from your A/C or heat. Make sure you have ample time available since this is a time-taking process in restoring your car to its factory condition. They can have dust accumulated or, with kids, pets, or emergency breaks especially, things spilled on them. Include in the lower vents as well which cool or heat your feet.

According to your car manual, if the air vent grilles can be removed easily, remove them first carefully for effective cleaning with hot, soapy water. But if you feel you will somehow break or otherwise damage them, or it has not been recommended by the manufacturer’s guide, adapt your cleaning to it and rest assured that the air duct cleaning later will complete the job. For their ability to fit and reach into small spots, have Q-tips at hand and use them when saturated with an interior car cleaner or an auto interior protectant to clean each panel of your grille.

However, some prefer working it out with a soft, small, and flexible brush and may use it in company of an ammonia and silicone-free cleaner. To ensure that you are removing and not pushing back the dirt behind, turn the air on.

Cleaning Air Ducts in Orlando

The next stage is either to replace the cabin air filter or to spray it along with a professional disinfectant such as Lysol to kill the bacteria. If you car has been disinfected, switch on the A/C to let it work in the whole system.

One reason for the bacteria in your car air vents is condensation. Move on with cleaning your air conditioning drain of any buildup that exists. Although they are usually positioned in corners beside the fenders, confirm it with the user manual. A little squeeze and cleaning with relevant instruments such as a cloth-covered end of a straightened wire coat hanger, and the debris in the black tubing will be taken out of the way.

This leaves you to spray the air duct cleaner in to the vents. Every brand of such cleaners comes with their individual instructions so there’s no pressure except that you must allow it on both the exterior and the interior of the car. You can identify those on the car’s exterior surface as ones located underneath the windshield wipers. As a final check, slide in the narrow tip of the vacuum hose to suck out anything left without damaging the air duct lining.

In order to avoid dust and odor building up in your car, your car’s cleaning and detailing should cover proper maintenance of the air ducts too. We don’t do cars but if you need your home’s ducts cleaned in Orlando, FL, have them cleaned with us at www.abc-cleaninginc.com.

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