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Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning in Orlando

It’s every central Florida homeowner’s dream to have a fully functioning chimney and fireplace in their home! If you have the privilege of owning a home with a fireplace, you know that much responsibility come with it. In order to enjoy your chimney in the most responsible manner possible, you must regularly clean it to eliminate the threat of smoke building up in your home the next time you light a fire. A clean chimney is a safe chimney, which makes for an even safer home! You can easily keep your fireplace clean all by yourself; however, heavy duty chimney cleaning services often require the help of professional chimney contractors such as ABC Chimney Cleaning in Orlando.

Chimney Liners in Orlando, FL

ABC Chimney Cleaning in Orlando, FL suggest that you cleaning out your fireplace after every use. This way, the area around your fireplace will stay nice and tidy. On the other hand, chimney cleaning services should be administered about once a year, depending how much use you get out of your brick chimney. In central Florida, we don’t get to use it but for a few months out of each year, which many central Florida homeowners thing they can go longer without a professional chimney cleaning. This is not the case. Our suggestion is to get the chimney cleaned well before the first cold winter evening. This is good for two reasons. 1) it will save you from waiting until it’s too late and miss out on the use of your fireplace on that first cold night and 2) because it’s easier to get an appointment during the off season and you can usually get it done cheaper.

Regular checkups by a professional chimney contractor will help give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your home! During a routine chimney inspection, your chimney maintenance expert will let you know if any chimney repairs are necessary before you can safely and securely light another fire.

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