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Orlando, FL – At ABC Air Duct Cleaning Specialist of Orlando, we get asked these question all of the time. “Are the bargain air duct cleaners legit?” “Can someone really clean my air ducts for $9.99 per room?” You’ve probably received direct mail advertising packets at your home with duct cleaning offers that seem “too good to be true.” There are quite a few companies in Central Florida that advertise “Whole House Duct Cleaning” specials for $129, $99, even $59. At ABC, we’ve been in the air duct cleaning business in Orlando for over 2 decades and we typically see two types of scams.

The first (and most common) is the old bait and switch method. Once you get the technician out to your Orlando home they’ll tell you what the low price advertised special includes. Unfortunately, they then tell you really need something more extensive. To do the house properly – which includes cleaning the whole system – the cost is generally $100’s of dollars more than originally quoted. We’ve seen the scam artist trying to charge over $1,000 to do the original quoted price of $99.

The second result (and most unscrupulous) is the company that actually honors the quoted low price acts like they are performing a true duct cleaning and leave your home worse than when they arrived. We refer to these varmints as blow-and-go duct cleaners. Their so called technicians blow air into the ducts, and basically make a lot of noise for 45-60 minutes and then proclaim the air ducts and hvac system is now clean. They basically clean the areas that the customer can see which is about 10% of the job and then they are gone. Not only is this a waste of money, but having this type of work done in your home can actually cause more harm than good.

The negative impact on your homes indoor air quality caused by not doing your air ducts and system properly is worse than never having your air ducts cleaned at all. This type of “air duct cleaning” will leave loose particles in your duct system. These particles are now free to flow into the airstream and can even damage some mechanical parts of your HVAC system. Parts such as the fan blower and the evaporator coil are expensive and can be damaged by free-flowing debris.

Whenever someone calls requesting a quote, we educate the consumer on what our service includes. We recommend asking the right questions before agreeing to any work. “How long will the cleaning process take?” “What does this process entail?” “Is this a guaranteed price?” “Is your work satisfaction guaranteed?”  These are just a few questions that can help protect you from one of the scams we just discussed. And finally, remember 2 common sense rules …. 1. “if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” And finally, “you get what you pay for.”

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