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During extreme temperatures air ducts see the most traffic. Do they deserve the kind of cleaning regime that other surfaces in your home do? Sure they do!

Warning signs that indicate air duct cleaning is needed:

  • Continuous or constant air duct water damage
  • Mold, fungus or other microbic growth
  • Air flow restriction due to buildup from dust, spider webs and other contaminants
  • Smelly or foul odors emanating from vents or HVAC system
  • Reoccurring illness or allergy episodes among family members
  • Evidence of vermin infestation

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts have shown to reduce mold, mildew or microbic growth due to dust and contaminant buildup. Regular cleaning also increases the efficiency and long-term life of your HVAC system.

Is It Safe?

Yes, if done by a qualified HVAC system professional you know you are getting a thorough inspection and cleaning. As a precaution for your safety, cleaning must be done when your home is unoccupied. Specialized equipment such as filters, ventilation equipment and more is used to ensure proper air quality in your home. In the end, your air ducts are meticulously purged and the air quality is efficient.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning process and duration depends on the degree of accumulation of dust and contaminants in your air ducts. The process includes the following:

  • Thorough technician inspection of all air ducts.
  • Once assessment is complete, specialized equipment and cleaning supplies are gathered to ensure proper cleaning of all air vents and HVAC components.
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance is also done for the rest of the system.

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