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Holidays are right around the corner for Central Florida and all of America which means cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping presents and hosting holiday parties. While all these things are positive and bring everyone we love together, it also unfortunately poses a threat to your home and health in a negative way. Here are a few examples of holiday preparations that can impact your life and home you may never think of…

Cooking. Cooking can impact the air you breath due to the smoke and fumes your stove puts out, so by making sure your kitchen has a proper ventilation system leading to the outside you are able to keep unwanted chemicals from circling in your home.

Cleaning. Cleaning and sanitizing your home before you entertain guests can also pose a threat to your health. If you are using toxic, non-organic chemicals and cleaning products this is by far the biggest threat. Opting for natural, organic and non-toxic cleaning agents will tremendously help in keeping your home and family healthy and non-hazardous. If for some reason you cannot give up the other cleaners, opening windows for proper ventilation as well as turning on fans will help somewhat in keeping chemicals at bay. Also, when you are vacuuming your home, make sure to empty and clean all bags and canisters to assure dust and dirt are filtering through and being picked up off of your floors. Any cleaning is better than no cleaning and even the smallest changes for the better can make all the world a difference.

Festive Decor. Decorating can be so much fun around the holidays, but bringing in stored boxes and bins full of dusty decorations can bring unwanted particles into to your home and cause problems for your indoor air. Cleaning and wiping down all containers before they are brought into your home will decrease the risk of bringing in irritants to your breathing atmosphere. Traditional holiday candles, oils and scents will also pollute the air you and your family breathe, making you susceptible to airborne infections.

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