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Having a pest or rodent in or around your dryer vent can pose as a threat for your home and it’s safety. If your dryer’s vent is being compromised from blockage, it’s performance will suffer as well as your home’s cleanliness. Rodent and pest debris cause for a major health risk and can easily transmit any airborne disease these animals carry with them. This debris also raises your fire risk inside your home.

Fall and winter is approaching, and as the cooler temperatures start to roll in so does unwanted visitors. Your dryer puts out a substantial amount of heat which for homeowners is a good and bad thing. There’s nothing like putting on a fresh warm shirt from the dryer or a nice warm towel after you come out of the shower, but unfortunately pests and rodents enjoy the warmth as much as we do. Critters will cozy up inside of your dryer’s vent where the heat releases outside and make itself at home there for the winter months. Making sure your dryer vent is properly maintained, as well as intact is vital for keeping these animals away. Here are some indicators that a pest may be surrounding your dryer vent, as well as some tips on how to avoid the need for pest control:

  • A foul odor surrounding or coming from your vent
  • Unfamiliar noises like squeaking and scratching coming from your dryer vent
  • Discovering rodent or pest droppings of any kind
  • Make sure to keep your home clean, neat and free of clutter to prevent any unwanted pests from entering
  • Throw out your trash and waste immediately and appopriately so critters will not be tempted to hang around your home
  • Any opened food that is not sealed, make sure to close-up and put into a sealed container. This will keep your food safe from bacteria or diseases these critters carry as well as keeping your home sanitary.

It is important to protect your dryer vents from any rodents, pests or critters of any kind. This will keep your dryer’s performance high as well as safe and clean. Because pest control companies can be a pretty penny when it comes to removing these critters, make sure to clean the area outside around your vent and see that all caps as well as a pest control cap are secured and placed correctly to avoid them breaking.

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