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Were you aware that 1 out of every 6 Americans already have or will experience allergies sometime in their life. Allergies can certainly be handed down from your family’s generations, but if you are new to allergies and not the typical candidate for them, you might want to check for these things that might be causing them and what exactly could be affecting you. It is usually the things we do not expect that contribute to the problem and make us overlook the causes.

 Dusty Ducts. When you have dirty air ducts it can be pretty hard to detect. You cannot see your air ducts, therefore the problem is not in front of your face showing you what is wrong. Dust and sometimes mold (especially here in Central Florida) collects and settles anywhere and everywhere in your home, especially in your air ducts. This poses as a problem because you yourself cannot clean you air ducts without a professional. Make sure you contact us here at ABC Cleaning and we ensure to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Indoor Air Quality. Poor indoor air quality can play a big role in sudden allergies. The air inside of our homes is far worse than the air we breath outside because of the constant chemicals we are exposed to. Chemicals are good in killing bacteria, but they can also be very harmful to your health when ingested any way or breathed in. Air purifiers are a smart and organic alternative to help remove toxins from your indoor air, on top of keeping chemicals to a minimum and not relying on them often.

Dirty Chimney. Dirt can accumulate in your chimney depending on the materials you are burning as well as the chemicals it releases. Sometimes certain materials that you burn are harmful for your chimney as well as you and your home. Consider what you are placing in your chimney to burn and opt for non-toxic clean materials. Make sure you keep your chimney flue is always open to allow air to burn upward and out of your home.

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