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Aside from fallen trees, no electricity, debris on the street and possibly some roof damage your HVAC could possibly be compromised as well. After a natural disaster occurs and you get your home up and running again, it is vital that you also make sure your HVAC system is running properly. Below are some examples on how natural disasters can compromise or even destroy your beloved HVAC…

Flood Damage. Natural disasters not only bring with it high winds and scary lightning but the heavy rains can cause water damage and flooding in your home. Depending on how fast the storm is moving ultimately determines the amount of flooding and damage that may happen. If water comes into your home, you know it definitely is in and around your outside HVAC system. The water that seeps and sets into your HVAC could also bring in debris and dirt causing even more of an issue.

Lightning Strikes. You may experience lightning strikes, especially here in Central Florida since we are in the Lightning Capital of the USA. If by chance lightning happens to strike around your home and disrupts your electricity, this also disrupts your HVAC system due to the fact that your HVAC relies solely on electricity to function efficiently. Also, if your circuit breaker trips it could trip into your home possibly damaging appliances and electronics. Investing in a surge protector makes your chances of damages far less likely by absorbing most of the electricity before it enters your home. This protector could also save your HVAC system.

Hail Damage. It is rare but not uncommon to see hail accompanied with a bad storm or tornado in Central Florida. When hail hits, it hits hard due to its large size and can puncture and damage your HVAC. It may be a smart investment to install a hail cover to protect your unit and it’s fragile parts from hail.

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