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Dryers provide us with all sorts of benefits in our home including convenience and even warmth, but aside from the positive aspects, your dryer can “hurt” you per say, in the long run if it is not properly taken care of. Apart from what you may believe about your dryer and its vent, a cleaning and inspection is required at least once a year to ensure it is healthy and safe within your home. Dryers that are not working efficiently due to blockage or debris can cause a fire in your home putting you and your family at high risk for danger. It is vital that you and everyone you know are educated about their dryer vent’s safety and maintenance and how doing so can make a major impact in your community. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of dryer vent care so you and your loved ones are aware of the proper steps to take:


  • Throw out any and all dryer sheets including fabric softeners that are left in the dryer.
  • Clean and remove any lint that is trapped to avoid the possible risk of fire. Lint that is trapped will prevent air flow from flowing properly, and also cause your machine to work inefficiently.
  • Have your dryer vent installed, cleaned and maintenance by a professional such as ABC Cleaning, Inc. regularly including having your exhaust ducts cleaned thoroughly.
  • Opt for new technology to help your dryer work more efficiently. For example, dryer balls help to cut drying time significantly due to their ability to absorb water.


  • When drying your clothes, it is vital to remember what clothes are safe and which ones are not safe to put into the dryer.
  • Bras or delicate items should not be put into the dryer because of their fabric and ability to deform or lose elasticity.
  • Wool and or silk should not be put inside the dryer because they will be damaged.
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