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Figuring out whether your air ducts are clean or dirty is normally a pretty easy process. When you open your vent covers, you will be able to tell if there is any dust, dirt or debris on them as well as in your air filters. If any one of these are full of gunk, you know you need a thorough cleaning. Even if it has only been a short time since you had your vents cleaned by a professional, feel free to always inspect them to keep your family and home safe of any health risks. Aside from just checking your vent covers and air filters, you can examine another aspect of your home, your HVAC system. Both your A/C and heater should have properly fitted filters, your “plenum”, which is the air distribution box that connects to your home’s ductwork which heats or cools the air, should be clear of moisture as well as any stains or debris.

Go to and check your air conditioner; look at the coils for signs of dirt and dust and to see if the coils are spaced correctly and straight. You can inspect this by shining a light through it and if you see a light come out of the other side your system is clean. The coil’s pan should also drain properly in order to work efficiently.

Next, move onto your heater. The surface of it should appear visibly clean and free of any particles. The blades of the heater’s blower as well as the heater’s blower compartment should also be clear of any debris, dust or oil.

Lastly, keeping your air ducts in top condition between your professional cleanings will make for healthy and long living ducts as well as an easy breathing environment. By changing your air filters, keeping your home free of dust and dirtiness, making sure your home is at a recommended moisture level and ensuring your ducts are sealed correctly, you will have nothing to worry about as far as your ductwork becoming compromised. Duct cleaning is often a neglected service that is a necessity to minimize allergens in your home or business. Call the professionals at ABC Cleaning today and schedule your duct inspection and cleaning appointment!

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