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  1. Thermostat Not Operating. If your HVAC system’s thermostat isn’t working properly it could be one of the reasons why your A/C won’t shut off. Your home may have reached your desired temperature, however the A/C seems to still be running. This is because your home’s thermostat may not be reading and registering the conditions and temperature of your home. If this happens, your A/C will have no other choice but to run. Thermostats are usually reliable, however all things can run into problems.

5.. Dirt Covered Coils. Any type of debris from pet hair, mud, insects, dirt and grass can all blow air flow from your HVAC system. Having your trusted professional HVAC service come in and inspect your coils regularly will ensure for efficient air flow. There are two types of coils in your HVAC system, your condenser coils and your evaporator coils. If your A/C is running non-stop from diminished performance you will have lower efficiency and higher energy bills. Your condenser coils need to be cleaned regularly due to them being exposed outdoors. Before a professional comes out to take a look at them, if you need to you can easily hose them down, but first switching off any electrical power. Your evaporator coils on the other hand are somewhat harder to get into and need professional maintenance as well.

  1. Unit Needs Maintenance. All HVAC system’s need regular maintenance to be able to run smoothly and efficiently just like any other appliance in your home. It is recommended to have your system checked, cleaned and serviced two times per year, in the spring and fall seasons. If your system and ducts are not cleaned and clear of debris, you will more than likely encounter problems when you really need to work your A/C during the summer and heater during the winter. Have your trusted and local professionals come and take a look at your HVAC to make sure any dirty areas are cleaned, worn parts are replaced and your indoor thermostat is working properly; this will ensure a long and healthy life of your HVAC system.
  2. Unit Needs Replacement. All units and appliances have a life expectancy, and even if your unit has been taken care of and in pristine condition, it will inevitably give out. When it comes to the time that you know your HVAC is seeing it’s last days, replacing it with a new, updated and more efficient system will only save you money and hassle in the long run.

All of the reasons stated above are likely culprits to your HVAC system constantly running and not working properly. It is vital that you address any problems before they turn into anything serious and costly, as well as consult with your HVAC professionals letting them know you need immediate service. Chances are it is something simple, but if it is a more significant problem, facing it and performing repairs now will significantly reduce your bills in the future.

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