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Spring time is the time of the year when our HVAC systems are used the least. Between the cooler temperatures in the winter and the blazing hot temperatures in the summer, spring and fall are the little breaks we get here in Central Florida. So, by having your HVAC ducts cleaned and inspected during the spring, you can ensure for a calm, cool and comfortable home this summer. HVAC ducts on the other hand, never have a break. Ducts are constantly developing dirt, dust and debris which can cause blocked, dirty and less efficient air flow. It is easy to miss this contamination due to us rarely ever being able to see inside our duct vents. This is why it is always important to invest in a trusted group of HVAC professionals that can schedule regular cleanings to make sure your home is safe and healthy for everyone.

Side Effects of Dirty Ducts

Health Issues. If your ducts are left untreated, they can accumulate harmful pollutants like dander, pollen and dust mites. This can lead to respiratory problems as well as skin or eye irritations and people who suffer from allergies are more likely to develop issues when your ductwork is dirty.

Less Efficient HVAC. Having clean ductwork is a necessity for your air conditioning system to be able to work efficiently. It really only takes a small layer of dust, dirt or debris to make your ducts air flow slower, less efficient while also making your HVAC have to work harder. If this continues overtime, your HVAC could need constant repair or replacement and could become damaged due to burning out the motor and compressor while possibly breaking the fan blades.

Cost Intensive. When your ducts are constantly clogged or beyond the point of repairing, your energy and maintenance bills will rise. Having your ducts treated regularly will ensure you saving money in the long run, while keeping your home clean. People can be surprised at how much of a difference regular air duct cleaning can make on their energy consumption costs.

When to Clean Your Ducts

If you know that you haven’t had a professional duct cleaning and inspection in the last year then it is time to schedule one before summer arrives. If you are unaware if your ducts are dirty or blocked, having a professional company in mind is the first step. We here at ABC Cleaning know and understand how hot it can get over the summer here in Florida. When it comes to your home’s daily operation, your air conditioning is definitely a main component. One simple cleaning and inspection can make a world of a difference for your entire summer living quality in your home.

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