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Today’s thermostats today consist of two different types, one is programmable and the other smart. Programmable thermostats, which have an option for a “vacation mode” which automatically raises the temperature a couple degrees. Smart Thermostats, which allow you to adjust temperatures anywhere from a smart phone. Opting for an upgraded thermostat can save you money and allow your heating and cooling to become more efficient. By simply upgrading your thermostat, you can possibly avoid having to replace ducts, air conditioners and even furnaces. The greater the quality thermostat you invest in, the more cost-effective your HVAC system becomes.

Whether you have an older HVAC system or an older thermostat, new units and appliances can save you tremendous energy. Newer thermostats have better control in remembering temperatures you would like your home to be set at for either A/C or heat. These thermostats allow you to program temperatures during specific times as well as make any scheduled changes you want. You can even program it to be at different temperatures each day of the week. We’ve listed our top ten benefits of upgrading your thermostats.

Top 10 Benefits of newer thermostats:

  1. Less maintenance
  2. Touch screen
  3. Enables zoning systems
  4. Gives you full control of heating & cooling
  5. Allows each room to be set at a specific temperature
  6. Can plan temperatures for day and night
  7. Saves money on heating and cooling
  8. You’re able to control it from anywhere on your smart phone
  9. Gives you maintenance reminders and updates
  10. Does not require toxic mercury used in older thermostats

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