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I’m it’s no surprise to know that mold found inside your home’s airducts can potentially result in health problems and even mold odors in the absence of mold spores have been shown to cause health problems.

Did you know? 1 in 6 allergy sufferers’ symptoms can be directly linked to the mold and bacteria found in their air duct systems.  2005 study conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

Every day the majority of us are exposed to some form of mold with experiencing side effect, however those with mold allergies are much more susceptible and when exposed will suffer from symptoms such as wheezing, rashes or hives, itchy eyes, and respiratory failure.

Signs of mold in home – Mold in your HVAC vents

Your HVAC system works ventilating rooms by recycling air. When warm air is overloaded with moisture, it creates the exact conditions for mold to grow. The mold attaches itself inside the ventilation system. When the system is on the fans help distribute the mold spores throughout the rooms in your home. To look for signs of mold in home, specifically in your air conditioning and heating vents, look not only on the outsides of the vents, but on the inside as well.

Types of Mold:

  • Black Mold: Grows mostly on exposed foods, particularly those containing wheat. Causes sneezing, itchy eyes, on contact and when inhaled.
  • Green Mold: It’s not poisonous to humans but is an allergen. Causes sneezing, itchy eyes, on contact and when inhaled.
  • Orange/Yellow Mold: This type of mold rarely grow indoors and are non-toxic. They tend to grow on decaying organic matter and wood.

Categories of Mold:

  • Allergenic Mold: This type of mold is black and green mold which both can have detrimental effects on asthmatic individuals. The spores they emit are allergens, which causes many problems.
  • Pathogenic Mold: This type of mold can cause diseases, especially to the respiratory system for persons with weakened immune systems or newborn babies.
  • Toxic Mold: This is  most commonly referred to as black mold which is poisonous when inhaled or touched. It has also been linked to cancer in some cases.

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