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Removes Odors That Linger in Your Home

If you have pets living in your home, you may sometimes walk inside and immediately smell their presence. Despite using air purifiers, deep cleaning, steaming your carpets, wiping off furniture, etc., you may find yourself unable to really remove that lingering pet scent. The reason for this may be because the scent is coming through and from your vents. When hot or cold air is pushed through air ducts, it can carry a scent from one room to the other, and keep distributing it throughout your entire home. However, when you have your ducts cleaned, you are able to remove the dirt, dust, debris and pet dander which is the culprit of that stubborn smell.

Increases the Efficiency of HVAC Unit

 When air ducts are full of dirty particles, hot and cold air have a harder time traveling through the system, making its job to produce a certain temperature of air harder and less efficient. As a pet owner, your ducts get dirtier faster than those without pets and your pet can be one of the leading causes of dirty air. Your pets can cause the ducts to fill faster with outside dirt, pet dander, and hair, in addition to the allergens, pollens, and dust that normally settle in the ducts. Cleaning the ducts helps to remove all of this debris, increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit.


Improves the Quality of the Air in Your Home

The last reason why pet owners need their ducts cleaned more frequently is to help improve the quality of air blowing into your home. When your ducts are dirty, the air that is blown into your home is also dirty. Pets can affect the quality of the air you are breathing in which determine how frequently you need to dust, mop and vacuum your home. Having your ducts cleaned regularly, improves the quality of air blowing into your home and into your lungs.


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