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Your AC’s thermostat has a secret power you didn’t know about: It can help dust your home. To tap into this power, do this: Right before you vacuum and dust your home, turn your thermostat’s fan setting to ON. We’ll explain exactly what this setting does and how it helps dust your home.

How the “ON” fan setting helps you dust your home

The fan setting on your thermostat controls the AC’s blower, which circulates air into your air conditioner and then back into your home. When set to AUTO, the blower turns on only when your home needs cooling. But when set to ON the blower circulates air constantly. This constant circulation is what you want when you are cleaning. This is because, as you start dusting or vacuuming, dust gets kicked into the air and sucked into the return vent, getting captured by the air conditioner’s air filter.

So, essentially, your air conditioner becomes your personal airborne dust catcher. Just make sure that when you’re done cleaning, you turn the fan setting back to AUTO. Leaving it set to ON would needlessly run up your electric bill. Also, make sure you check your AC’s air filter before and after you dust and vacuum. A filthy air filter won’t catch any dust and can actually damage your air conditioner.

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