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The standard American home’s cooling and heating system accounts for over half of their total energy bill. So, if and when you have a leak in your home, your air conditioning as well as heat (depending on the season), can seep out of your home. This can for sure waste large amounts of energy, money and can put your HVAC system at risk of being compromised. It is recommended to ensure that your home is optimized and sealed before the hot temperatures of summer arrive. Most of your home’s heat and air conditioning leak through tiny cracks throughout your home. Making sure your home is properly sealed as well as efficiently insulated will lower energy usage and risk of small irritants or critters from entering! Insulating ceiling cracks, walls and attics can also prevent warm air from leaking back into your home making for unpleasant air quality. Maintenance, inspections and cleanings will keep your home and HVAC running smoothly and keep your home comfortable year round. Below we’ve listed some disadvantages if your home is experiencing an air leak:

Cool Air Escapes

When your home has cracks that allow cool air to escape, you not only deplete your energy savings, but you also allow hot air to come back in. When hot and cool air mix, the temperature in your home becomes uncomfortable and makes each room in your home inconsistent.

Hot Air Leaks In

Having little to no insulation in your home will make your HVAC system run even longer and harder to cool your home. Having proper insulation allows your HVAC to run efficiently and for shorter periods of time. In the long run, investing in professional home insulation will save you tons of money as well as the time it would take to fix. Hot air can also leak in through your attic and through the walls of your home. Attics that are not well insulated will put strain on your home’s air conditioning, and walls that are not sealed (windows, door frames) will cost your home energy and money.

High Energy Bills

If your home is inadequately insulated, your HVAC will have to run for longer periods of time and become less efficient over time due to stress on its system. Make sure to check the insulation around your home’s windows, door frames, chimney and attic. If you are unsure of any leaks, hire a professional to come and inspect your home.

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