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With spring soon approaching, and then summer following, frequent rain with heavy thunderstorms are anticipated. After a rainstorm here in Central Florida, mold fills the air and immediately starts to grow. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to keep mold from growing when paired with high humidity and tropical weather. It is important to remember that mold can not only be detrimental to your HVAC and home but also to you and your family’s overall health. Fortunately though, you can use your HVAC system to control the mold growth in your home, and with help from your trusted HVAC professionals here at ABC Cleaning, you can keep your home and family protected these Spring & Summer seasons.

How HVAC Fight Mold

Mold is essentially everywhere, whether you can see it or not. Mold spores are always present in the environment accompanied with bacteria and an entire universe of microscopic organisms. Pair mold with a damp, dark and warm environment, you have got yourself the ideal conditions for it to thrive in just hours. It is important to take control on mold shortly after a rainstorm because mold tends to grow in hidden places like your attic, insulation, walls and vents; and it grows fast! By the time mold grows visible in your home, it is already too late and the problem is already out of control. Taking mold serious and using preventative methods to keep it at bay ensures a happy and healthy space to live.

The way your HVAC helps fight off mold is found in filters

When it comes to your HVAC’s filters, they should be changed three times a year for maximum benefits. Ventilation is important when it comes to containing mold, allergens, dust and the health and cleanliness of your indoor air. Aside from replacing your filters, making sure your outdoor vents are clean and clear of any debris helps in efficient air flow. On days it is not raining and it is low humidity, airing out your home is suggested to get rid of excess moisture in your air.

Having your HVAC system inspected and maintained regularly will ensure less mold growth

When properly cared for, your HVAC will last many years and protect your home from damage and health hazards. Aside from your summer months, your heating system helps to remove moisture in your indoor air as well and can accumulate mold inside of your vents and system. Stay on top of having your HVAC serviced regularly so you won’t lose the battle to mold growth.

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