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The best time to have your home’s chimney system inspected and cleaned is before the burning season, which is in the summer or early fall.  
During this time, the frequency of burnings slows down. This normally occurs during the cold season. In addition to a lower frequency of usage, you can enjoy proper conditions for cleaning out deposits from creosote bush. This plant releases a flammable sap when it becomes heated or encounters air.
Combined, these factors make the sweeping process more difficult and dangerous when performed during other seasons. It almost always results in additional wear on your chimney system as well as the sweep crew performing the work. A better option is to make an appointment after spring and then another before fall arrives each year.
It is wise to have your chimney inspected by a Certified company before thinking of building a fire after the weather has changed.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection Once a Year

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends the inspection of all chimneys and vents at least once a year. CSIA also advises that you have your chimney cleaned when an inspection reveals creosote deposits thicker than 1/8 inch.
You can also have your chimney cleaned when you notice:

  • Increased levels of smoke in the home
  • Soot on the walls or ceilings of the home
  • Odor of burning wood in the home
  • Rust on the damper handle
  • An animal nest in the chimney, or other debris blocking the flue

Have you been having trouble with your fireplace? When the answer is yes, it is time for an annual chimney inspection. Most experts recommend this important procedure. It is one way that homeowners can ensure their fireplaces are running smoothly all year. Performing inspections every twelve months also guarantees that any needed repairs will get fixed before they become serious problems.

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