Are Your Dryer Vents Affecting Your Air Quality?

Clogged Dryer Vent

It’s summertime in Central Florida, and if you have a family or are even just spending more time indoors because of the high temperatures you know that laundry loads are also increasing now. Being home more means more clothes to be washed because of sweat, swimming, or even sports if you have active children or are active yourself more in the summer. More laundry loads lead to more use of your dryer vents and more use of dryer vents leads to your indoor air quality. Most people usually do not associate the two together, but your lint traps have a significant impact on the air you are breathing inside.

Dryer sheets that contain fragrances, detergents, or dyes not only have an adverse effect on the quality of your indoor air but also the quality of your outside air. These chemicals are foreign to the human body and therefore result in effects on overall health, especially upper-respiratory. Have you ever noticed when your neighbors are doing laundry and you get a whiff of their dryer vents coming from their laundry room, so consider when this happens it is polluting the air indoors as well as outdoors? The only way to decrease the damage we do to our environment is to opt for fragrance-free and organic products with natural fragrances and dyes.

Along with making sure your dryer vent system is performing safely and naturally, cleaning your dryer vents is also vital to your home’s health as well as preventing fire risk for your family. Who knew simply doing the summer laundry could lead to such questions and possible solutions?  Here’s to cleaner indoor air and properly running dryers!

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