Other Types of Mold That Are Found In Air Ducts

Recently, we published a blog post on the top three types of mold that are found in homes in Central Florida. However, there are other types of mold that can be threats and that are found in homes in and around our neighborhoods. Mold isn’t always easy to detect, and more times than not, if you are seeing mold, the problem is much more extensive than what is visible.

The top 3 were: Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Stachybotrys

Below we’ve compiled a list of seven other types of mold that are also commonly found in homes.

Trichoderma: It is one kind of mold that can only grow in spaces that are constantly wet or moist, which is why its appearance in air vents is incredibly common. This type of mold looks like spores and can multiply rapidly, thereby leaving a very persistent threat in your home.

Ulocladium: It is one of the last types of mold that can be found in your air vents and is much rarer as compared to the other types that exist. This kind of mold is most commonly seen growing in the corners of bathrooms and kitchens and looks like a layered black substance that appears in these parts. This is also one of the hardest types of mold to get rid of, which is why a professional is always required for this.

Acremonium: It is a toxigenic mold that tends to grow over time, taking on the appearance of a white powdery substance. This is one of the more common types of mold that can grow in damp and wet places or areas with water contact.

Alternaria. It is one of the most commonly found types of mold and appears as a greenish or brownish velvet-like texture. This is one type of mold that can grow in any area that tends to have water running through for a significant amount of time, which is why it is rarer to find these in air ducts and vents.

Chaetomium: It appears as a brown substance with a cotton-like texture. This is one mold whose color tends to change over time, making it harder to distinguish or identify. This type of mold is most commonly seen growing on walls, but can also appear in air ducts and vents.

Fusarium: It is another type of mold that tends to grow mainly on walls and other surfaces that have been damaged by water but can also have certain appearances in air ducts if there has been any water damage caused to them.

Mucor: It is one of the most commonly occurring types of mold that is found in air conditioners and air vents and is something that needs to be treated at the earliest because of the potential threat that it holds.

Because of the dangers that are prevalent when one is exposed to any kind of mold, it becomes incredibly important to conduct air duct cleaning on a regular basis. Professional companies that can conduct this kind of air Duct Cleaning are generally the best approach since they are more equipped to identify and deal with the problems of mold in a much more efficient manner.

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