Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips: Part 1

Clogged Dryer Vent

You might be telling yourself that you clean the dryer vent every time you use the dryer, but this is the dryer lint filter. The full vent extends out the back of your dryer and walls of your home to expel the lint through the exhaust vent. Neglected dryer vents are the most common cause of dryer fires and affect more than 10,000 homes each year. Dryer vents should be cleaned every 1-2 years, but it’s best to err on the short side. Lint build-up and reduced airflow feed upon each other and may turn a moderately dirty dryer vent into catastrophic failure in a relatively short period of time.

Turn the Power Off: This includes both the electrical plug and the gas line for gas-powered dryers.

Move the Dryer out from the Wall: You will want to move the dryer out as far as the vent will safely allow. This might be about two feet and will hopefully give you sufficient access to the dryer vent.

Detach the Dryer Vent: Inspect the transition duct (the connection from the dryer to the vent pipe) for cracks. If it is plastic, change it to a flexible foil or other UL-approved duct. A plastic transition duct will become very fragile and break with no notice. Ensure that the duct is the shortest possible length and not crimped to allow the exhaust air to escape. The vent should be held fast with a clamp. Use a screwdriver, loosen the clamp, and detach the vent from the dryer.

Remove the Lint: You should remove the lint from both the vent and the back of the dryer. This can be done by simply reaching in and pulling out the lint. More thorough cleaning can be accomplished with a vacuum hose. Although most of the lint should be at the end of the vent, reach in as far as you can: A dryer vent only needs lint build-up in one spot to create a safety hazard. Lint can also back up in the dryer, itself. A service professional (chimneysweep) needs to remove the back panel to clean the inside of the dryer. While the back panel is open, you might inspect the blower, as coins and jewelry can lodge in this area.

Replace the Dryer Vent: Replace the vent and the clamp with all due diligence. Carefully push the dryer back into place.

Remove and Clean the Exhaust Vent: Finally, locate the exhaust for the dryer vent on the outside of your home. Remove the cover: This may require removing screws and/or scraping away the caulk lining. Slide the vent out if you can, and reach back as far as you can get. Remove the lint, and apply the vacuum hose.

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